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Location: R25
Category: Ladies Apparel
Telephone: 1-877-606-4233 x327

Canadian Tire

Location: Pad Site C.T.
Category: Department Stores
Telephone: (204) 325-4688

Canadian Tire Gas Bar

Location: Pad Site C.T. Gas
Category: Services/Banks
Telephone: (204) 325-1909

Friesen Insurance Brokers

Location: R36
Category: Services/Banks
Telephone: (204) 325-4701, Toll Free: 1-888-860-5551


Location: R03
Category: Ladies Apparel
Telephone: (204) 331-6266

L.A. Gold

Location: R16
Category: Jewellery
Telephone: (204) 325-7390

Mark's Work Warehouse

Location: Pad Site Marks
Category: Unisex Apparel
Telephone: (204) 325-4583

Masters of Hair Design Salon

Location: R15
Category: Health/Beauty
Telephone: (204) 325-9578


Location: R27
Category: Services/Banks
Telephone: (204) 325-9543, Toll Free: 1-800-4Scotia

Shoppers Drug Mart

Location: R08
Category: Grocery/Pharmacy
Telephone: (204) 325-4744

Smitty's Restaurant

Location: R20
Category: Food/Restaurants
Telephone: (204) 325-7075

Landmark Cinemas

Location: R38
Category: Cinemas
Telephone: (204) 325-5912, Toll Free: 1-877-650-7980


Location: R37A
Category: Electronics/Computers/Telephone
Telephone: (204) 331-7580


Location: R09
Category: Unisex Apparel
Telephone: (204) 331-1420

The Source

Location: R01A
Category: Electronics/Computers/Telephone
Telephone: (204) 325-9747

Southland Nail and Day Spa

Location: R12
Category: Health/Beauty
Telephone: (204) 331-3311

Dollar Tree

Location: R26
Category: General/Variety/Lottery
Telephone: (204) 325-8619

Hinz Photomoment

Location: R11
Category: Music/Video/Photo
Telephone: (204) 362-2432

Winkler Heritage Museum

Location: R28
Category: General/Variety/Lottery
Telephone: (204) 325-9117

CNH Tax and Bookkeeping

Location: R13
Category: Services/Banks
Telephone: (204) 331-1726

Southern Health-Sante Sud

Location: R10
Category: Health

Rush Laser Tag and Entertainment

Location: R08A
Category: Entertainment
Telephone: 204-331-1222